How-to Replace Halogen Headlight Bulbs

When you have a headlamp go out on your vehicle you might be tempted to simply to replace the burned out bulb. According to Atlantic Car Care, that might not be the best thing to do. That’s because halogen headlamps dim over time. If you only replace the bad bulb, your headlight brightness could be out of balance. This is distracting and can affect your field of vision.

According to Atlantic Car Care:

Experts in Wilmington recommend replacing your halogen headlamps every year. It’s easy to remember if you do it when daylight savings time changes in the fall. That way you’ll have bright headlamps for those long Wilmington winter nights.

There are other types of headlamps in addition to halogen. There are the old standard bulbs that have been around for decades. These are OK, but you can usually upgrade to halogen. They cost a little more but you can’t believe the difference. If you do a lot of night driving you might want to use a premium halogen bulb that filters out the yellow hues and give a very white light that’s a lot like daylight.

You may have noticed those bluish headlights on luxury cars. They are high intensity discharge or, HID lamps. They really light up the road. You can upgrade to HID on some vehicles. These cost quite a bit, but they’ll last for the life of your car. If you want your Wilmington friends to think you have HIDs, you can get halogens with a bluish tint – no one needs to know.

AAA reports that nine out of ten vehicles have dirty or yellowed headlamps. Get your headlight lenses restored if they need it. It’s fast, easy and inexpensive.