Custom Car Covers: Benefits, Features & Proper Use

Car Cover Benefits

The Benefits of a Custom Car Cover

The purpose of this guide is to help you determine the best car cover for your situation. Custom-fit car covers come in many different fabrics for all sorts of uses. Getting the right material is very important.

How a Car Cover Protects Vehicles

The obvious benefit that a Covercraft or Coverking custom car cover offers is shielding your vehicle from the sun and weather, but they do so much more.

Here’s a short list:

  • Prevents accidental dents, dings and scratches that happen both inside the garage and while parked in public
  • Theft deterrent
  • Shields against finish-destroying environmental hazards
  • Effective barrier against the damaging effects of sunshine and harsh weather
  • Protection during periods of long-term storage.

When you take into consideration the cost of restoring damage to your vehicle, you quickly realize the value of a quality car cover.

Dings & Scratches are Preventable w/ Proper Car Cover

When you use a custom-fit car cover you will avoid most of the minor paint damage that occur when your car is parked. Dents, dings and fine scratches are unsightly and they are expensive to have repaired.

Unfortunately, minor paint damage is a fact of life for all car owners and nothing short of sealing your vehicle in a glass bubble can prevent every mishap. However, using a cover will help by putting a protective barrier – a cushion – between your car, truck or SUV and the absent-minded or careless people who come near it.

Natural Hazards are Avoidable w/ the Correct Type of Car Cover

We have an entire section that’s dedicated to fixing paint damage caused by natural hazards. Birds, insects, sap, dust and ultra violet light from the sun are all a simple fact of life. You can’t totally avoid these hazards, but you can protect your car from them while it’s parked outside.

Take birds as an example. They seem harmless enough, have you seen what bird droppings do to car paint. Bird droppings are basically acid, and they quickly etch a permanent mark in the clear coat. The good news is that outdoor car cover fabrics are not harmed by bird poop. In fact, it washes right off.

While trees are not as damaging as birds, they come in a very close second place. If you realized the damaging effects of tree sap, pollen, falling objects (berries, seed pods, branches, etc), you might think twice about scouting for shady parking. With a car cover protecting your baby, you won’t need to, because the cover offers complete shade.

One of the most important things to understand about your car is the delicate nature of the paint. The finish may look thick, but that’s an illusion. In reality the top clear coat layer is less than 0.006 inches thick. That’s about the thickness if a couple of sheets of paper.

If you car sits for long periods, indoors or outdoors, it’s going to collect dust. That dust acts like sand paper, grinding away at the finish. You can polish away the damage, but polishing reduces the thickness of the clearcoat. The better solution is to keep your car covered.

Car Covers Are Effective Theft Prevention

If you have ever been the victim of a car theft or a break-in, you already know the feeling. The sense of loss and violation is horrible. It may not seem like it, but a car cover can help.

When used with a lock, a custom-fit car cover is a very effective theft deterrent. Unless a theft has a specific buy order for your car, they are highly unlikely to lift the cover to take a peek. The reason is time. Every second is crucial to not being caught, so thieves don’t like to take the risk.

Wicked Weather Protection

You don’t have to be a car insurance claims specialist to realize all of the ways bad weather can tap-dance on your vehicle’s fine finish. Although nice spring shower might seem to be completely harmless to your vehicle, consider the effects when it’s mixed with pollution (now it’s acid rain) and a little sunlight. The combination produces water spot etching that requires serious polishing to remove.

As a general rule, water itself is not harmful to your car, but all of the substances that mix with it are. Road salt, minerals, petroleum, and factory pollution are all corrosives. When mixed with water they easily find their way into every nook and cranny where they start the process of corrosion. A water-resistant outdoor car cover shields your vehicle, keeping it high and dry.

The combination of sunshine and water cause surface etching damage, but sunshine alone plays its own tricks. If your car has a metallic paint finish, the sun can zap the color out of it in no time. That’s because the clear coat finish acts like a magnifying glass and the metal flake particle cause the UV rays to scatter in all directions.

Bright colors don’t stand a chance! The process is called photo degradation, and you can see the evidence everywhere you look on cars with large, milky-white blotches on the paintwork.

Using a light colored car cover greatly reduces heat and prevents photo degradation.

Custom-Fit vs. Universal Fit Car Covers

You might be wondering if a universal-fit car cover will work as well as a custom-fit, and it’s a valid question to ask. After all, there can be a significant price variation.

The difference between custom and universal-fit has more to do with the fitment than the material, but material also plays a big part. In general, the cost of a universal-fit cover is based on volume manufacturing. They use the same amount of fabric, but the fabric use is more efficient.

Custom-fit covers are made from a pattern that specifically cut to the exact lines of your vehicle. The fitment details are very precise. The better the fit, the better the cover can do its job. The looser the fit, the more likely the cover will do more damage than good.

No matter the level of quality, universal-fit car covers are baggy. They will slip, slide and rub against your paint, especially in windy weather, and may actually destroy your car’s paint finish. The loose fit also allows moisture, salt and other damaging elements to get under the cover, defeating the purpose of using it in the first place.

The fit and finish of a made-to-fit car cover is always the best choice and well worth the variance in price.

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