Do You Need an Indoor Car Cover for Your Vehicle?

It may seem as though your car is completely protected while parked in the garage, but it’s not. Your car, truck, SUV or van is vulnerable to a number of hazards.

If you park your car for prolonged periods in a garage, shed or storage facility it will collect a layer of dust. In addition to degrading your vehicle’s paint, plastic and rubber, the dust works its way into your car through the ventilation system.

Most Perfect Protection Possible

Dust may not seem to be harmful, as it washes off easily, but the dust acts like a fine sandpaper. Each time your vehicle is touched by a child, pet or when getting in and out of another car, your vehicle’s paintwork is scratched. An indoor car cover will shield your vehicle from damage and keep it looking perfectly detailed between uses.

Using a custom indoor car cover is fundamental to maintaining your car’s paint job and just-waxed appearance. You’ve invested time and effort making sure your car looks exactly the way you want – always its best – so doesn’t it make sense to keep it looking that way with as little effort as possible?

All About Piece of Mind

A custom fit indoor car cover from Covercraft or Coverking offers you peace of mind from pollution, dust and the minor bumps and rubs that can and do happen in the garage. Keeping your vehicle protected in the garage is smart insurance.

Need a Lexus IS or Porsche 911 car cover? No problem! Perhaps it’s a Ford Mustang car cover you want for the Boss or Cobra, or a MINI Cooper you want to keep under wraps? You’re covered there, too! The fact is indoor car covers or dust covers are available for most cars built since 1965.

Covercraft offers several different indoor fabrics, including Dustop™, a 4-layer fabric that stops all but the finest dust (less than 5 microns). The Dustop fabric with Block-It™ technology has an ultra-soft interior fabric that protects paint and enough cushioning to help prevent door dings. The exterior layer is suitable to casual exterior.

From Coverking you have even more indoor protection options. For indoor use only, choose a custom fit model in the Satin Stretch fabric, the softest car cover fabric available. For ding protection and superior protection indoors and out, there’s Monsom Plus™ and Silver Guard™.

These 4-layer covers offer a very soft interior layer that pampers your car’s paint and breathable exterior layers to protect your vehicle from the elements.

What Excellence Looks Like

All Covercraft and Coverking car covers are exact fit for your vehicle. They are made-to-order and come with full manufacture warranty. These are the highest quality and best looking car covers made.

They have the fewest seams possible, which makes them less likely to fail or scratch. Each cover comes equipped with a storage pouch, tie down grommets, and a full elastic hem around the bottom of the cover.

To keep your car safe while parked or stored, give it the protection it deserves with a Covercraft or Coverking indoor car cover. You won’t regret it for a minute.

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