Indoor Car Cover Fabrics And Other Key Differences – Choose Among The Best!

Indoor Car Cover Fabrics

Obviously, indoor car covers are designed to keep your car clean.

Think about it. There are so many sources of dust!

And a long list of surprise mishaps happen all the time in a typical garage setting.

Your cover will have you covered (no pun intended).

But, seriously…

It may seem as though all indoor car cover materials are basically the same.

You’d be mistaken. There are actually many differences when it comes to car covers.

This page will help you do one thing:

Determine which fabric is best for your car.


The Dustop car cover has fabric that’s made in the USA by Kimberly-Clark (exclusively for Covercraft).

It’s soft. The flannel-like fabric is constructed using 4-layers of non-woven, composite material.

Kimberly-Clark uses an ultrasonic lamination process to create a high degree of dust protection with a focus on indoor car storage.

The fabric is breathable for superior protection of any fine paint finish. A Dustop car cover delivers maximum dust protection with a super light fabric.

Some of the features include:

  • Soft But Strong Outer Layers – The two top layers of the Dustop car cover are constructed from a composite of polypropylene and polyethylene. These layers take advantage of the best features of both polymers: the superior softness of polyethylene, with the incredible strength and stability of polypropylene.
  • Dust Barrier – A melt-blown polypropylene layer provides a barrier against dust and pollution. Compared to traditional woven, single-layer fabric, the multi-layer construction of a Dustop car cover offers better dust protection.
  • Softest, Paint Pampering Inner Layer – The inner-layer’s high-loft blend of polypropylene and polyethylene protects and pampers even the most delicate vehicle finish. The material is baby diaper soft. It comes from the number one name in baby diapers.
  • Color Choices – The Dustop car cover is available in Taupe.

Tan Flannel

Nicely crafted, the Tan Flannel car cover has fabric that’s also super soft.

In fact, it almost caresses your car’s paint.

Although designed primarily for indoor use, it’s constructed using a poly-cotton blend. Outdoor use is A-OK.

Flannel features include:

  • Flannel Underside with a Soft, napped finish.
  • Long Wearing for years or reliable use.
  • Over 50% heavier than entry level car cover fabrics.
  • Breathable to allow moisture to heat the escape.
  • Semi water-resistant and factory treated for moisture repellency.
  • Treated to resist rot and mildew.
  • Available in Tan only.


Covercraft’s Form-Fit car cover has fabric that offers a snug fit.

The ultra-soft inside pampers your vehicle’s fine paint finish. A Form-Fit car cover is also designed for extended use.

The secret to the gentle touch is the 100% cotton terry loop fibers. They’re sheared to a fleece-like finish!

The fabric has an amazing feel and quality appearance.

Plus, a Form-Fit car cover is heavy enough to provide reasonable ding and scratch protection.

The outer finish is a blended weave of polyester and Lycra (Spandex®). This is what gives Form-Fit its superior stretch and memory.

Here’s what’s so great about the Form-Fit line:

A body-hugging fit with memory that holds its shape.

And the icing on the cake…

Every Form Fit cover has a 4-year warranty. You can also choose between Red, Black, Silver Gray, Charcoal Gray, Blue or Green.

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