How to Make Your Car Last Much Longer!

Would you be happy if you could make your car last as long as possible?

Well, there’s great news!

With basic routine maintenance you can extend your vehicle’s serviceable life by many years.

In 2019, the average age of an automobile on the road was 11+ years!

Surprising right?

Actually ten years of serviceable life is now fairly common. And you can certainly do better than 15+ years with proper maintenance.

Preventative Care is Key

Cars today are far more reliable than those built a decade ago, but quality only goes so far. You do have to care for your vehicle and give it some love.

The trick is to go beyond the basics of standard oil, air and fuel filter changes.

Here’s the deal:

Regular, preventive and predictive maintenance of your vehicle’s engine and other critical systems will, without a doubt, prolong its life.

Thankfully preventative maintenance services are generally affordable because the market is highly competitive these days. Prices really haven’t risen much in this service segment of the car industry.

So you have no excuse!

And alternatively, despite advanced diagnostic equipment being needed for modern car problems, do-it-yourself car owners can still do plenty of basic maintenance.

Some Vehicle Care Tips

The obvious upkeep is a schedule of regular oil changes and filter changes.

This includes the oil filter, fuel filter and air filter.

Most new cars can do extended miles between oil changes. In fact, much more so than just a few years ago.

My new SUV, for example, has a recommended 15,000 mile oil change interval. This’s a minimum requirement to meet warranty requirements.

Of course, most mechanics will tell you more often is better.

Here’s my policy:

Every 6 months or 8,000 miles for my vehicles, whichever comes first.

Be sure to also keep your transmission regularly serviced. Regular maintenance prevents transmission failure down the road.

Yes, you actually save money by spending money in this regard.

Remember that transmission repair jobs often cost thousands of dollars and even worse headaches.

Also make sure that your transmission fluid is replaced regularly. For more transmission care tips visit

Motor And Oil Information

Don’t forget cleaning the inside of the engine as well.

Most car experts recommend cleaning the inside of your engine every 25,000 to 30,000 miles with a motor flush.

While you can’t see it, varnishes and sludge accumulate inside the engine.

Changing your oil, unfortunately, does little to remove this harmful contamination.

The fix?

A motor flush will break down internal contamination build-up, flushing it away when the oil is drained. Don’t overlook this!

Keeping a Healthy Engine

It is critical to keep what’s under the hood clean, and not just for appearances.

Make no mistake, dirt and grease build-up is harmful to your car’s engine.

Too much grease and grime will contaminate an engine. This binds linkages, clogs vital passages and inhibits heat transfer.

There’s no way around it: A clean engine is a sign of a healthy engine.

Be sure to check out a complete list of Car Care Tips here!