Show Car Detailing

Detailing Fanatics: Show Car Detailing
A clean, shiny car is not enough for the true car fanatic.

If you are one of these people, you know:

The car has to be show car perfect at all times.

Detailing your engine, the wheels and undercarriage, and making your car’s paint shine like a jewel are all on your mind.

Guy, it’s time to take your car to the next level!

Let’s get started. Choose from these topics…

  • The Perfect Shine – Getting that “Perfect Shine” may seem like a difficult task, especially if your paint is looking a little worn. Guess what! It’s easier than you think. Come learn the six essential steps.
  • Show Car Tires & Wheels – Tires and wheels make a dramatic difference. So, when they don’t “pop” and stand out, neither will the rest of your car.
  • Detailing Your Engine – Is a filthy mess revealed when you lift the hood? This ruins the whole effect! Schedule a date with your engine and get her shined up.
  • Quick Detailing – Keep your ride looking perfect (daily) with a quick detailing. It takes ten minutes or less. You won’t be able to keep your eyes off of her!

Other Car Detailing Topics

  • Car Detailing – This is our “Detailing 101” area with 10 essential car detailing how-to topics. You’ll learn the best practices in the auto detailing industry.
  • Finish Repair – Invaluable information on finish and damage repair topics. Do you have damage anywhere on your vehicle? You cannot afford to miss out on these techniques.
  • Detailing Guides – These guides offer in-depth info to help you make great decisions for you and your car.