Car Cover Start Page w/ Terminology

Let’s face it. Car covers can be a pain in the neck.

Nevertheless, they are necessary and absolutely worth the trouble.

Car covers can extend the finish life of your carThe fact is there are dozens of environmental, household and neighborhood hazards that chip away at our automobiles.

Using a car cover is an excellent way to protect your vehicle from finish damage.

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Custom Car Covers are a must for serious car enthusiasts.

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A Word About Custom Car Covers

I won’t mince words with my feelings on ready-fit products.

Frankly, I do not think these cheap car covers are worth the material they’re cut from. This is especially true when it comes to outdoor use.

Even the slightest breeze turns them into a sail. They whip around and beat the snot out of your car’s paint work.

Go with a custom car cover!

Each one is made-to-order. You specify the car year, make, model and any special options, then choose the fabric.

They have patterns for just about every vehicle.

If you need a classic car cover or one for an obscure antique, there’s a good chance one of the two top brands will have the pattern to make it.

Coverking is King

Coverking is a premier designer and manufacturer of vehicle protection products.

They manufacture an amazing line of custom-fit car covers, truck, van and SUV covers, custom seat covers, dashboard covers, car floor mats and sun shields and shades for vehicle windshields.

What sets Coverking apart is their use of quality materials and amazing attention to detail.

The details are apparent in the intricate custom-fit car cover patterns and custom car seat covers.

They tend to look more like original upholstery than covers.

Likewise, their custom dash covers and custom floor mats offer a level of fit and finish that complements and vehicle interior.

Coverking products are made in the USA and are strictly designed to order items.

Note: Due to the cost of the materials and tens of thousands of patterns and variations, it isn’t feasible for these products to be sold through mass distribution channels.

Glossary of Car Cover Terms

Acid Rain
Acid rain occurs in areas with a high concentration of industries that generate sulfur and nitrogen emissions.

Rain cleans the pollution out of the sky. However, the acidic water causes significant damage.

Bimini Tops
Bimini tops are canvas covers mainly used for marine purposes or off-road vehicles such as Jeeps.

Breath-ability of a car cover fabric is what allows free circulation of air so that vapor and heat can escape.

When a breathable car cover is used in an area with heavy air moisture, such as the Southeast USA, the fabric allows the moisture to escape, preventing damage to the paint.

Denier is a measurement that refers to a standard unit of fineness for yarn.

It is equal to one gram for each 9000 meters. The lower the number, the finer the yarn will be.

Loft describes the thickness of an insulated fabric or material.

Long-term Storage
Long-term storage is a term used to describe the garaging of vehicles that are covered and unused for extended periods of time.

Lycra (Spandex)
Lycra is a textile made from polyurethane. It has excellent stretchable properties and is often used to make indoor car covers.

A whitish fungus growth is known as mildew.

Napped Finish
A napped finish has a soft, furry and elevated feel. The inside surface of a custom car cover has a napped finish to protect from scratching.

Photo Degradation
Ultra violet rays (UV) from the sun cause slow fade damage to most automotive finishes.

The fading caused by UV light is called photo degradation, and it’s responsible for fading, cracking, discoloration and chalking.

Polyethylene is a polymer produced from ethylene.

It offers excellent moisture and chemical resistance and is often used in the outer layer of waterproof car covers.

Polypropylene is developed by cracking the petroleum hydrocarbons.

A layer of spunbound Polypropylene fabric is used to provide breathability to outdoor car covers.

Solution Dyed
A manufacturing process that adds colors during the production of fibers is called “solution dyed”.

The color is literally spun into the yard itself, giving the fabric a uniform, permeated color that resists fading.

Universal Car Cover/Ready-Fit Car Cover
Often called a “shower cap”, universal covers are made to fit many different vehicles.

These covers rarely fit any vehicle well and they are not paint friendly in windy conditions.

Ultra Violet (UV) Light
UV light is radiation produced by the sun.

UV rays are invisible but they can cause serious harm. UV rays cause photo degradation that damages both interior and exterior automotive finishes.

UV Resistant
A fabric that is UV resistant has the ability to block UV rays, preventing damage to an automobile.

Water Resistant/Waterproof
Fabrics that block the penetration of water are known as water resistant.

A waterproof car cover is one that can withstand long periods of wet weather and still keep the vehicle dry.

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